About Us

We have a very large selection of chandeliers and trading exclusively with chandeliers. Mainly we are dealing with antique chandeliers, but the demand for our own creations was so great that for some time now we have been producing our own production of modern timeless chandeliers. Made in Berlin.

Our Offered Chandeliers are bought directly from house clearances in cities like Berlin, Paris, London, Milan, Turin and Genoa. They are then taken to the workshop, where they are stripped, cleaned, restored and electrified. It is important to us to preserve as much as possible the original integrity of the chandelier. Once they arrive in Berlin they are then PAT Tested to comply with current German Safety Standards

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT OUR CHANDELIERS : Our Chandeliers are all original antique and vintage items. Even after restoration will possibly be small defects due to the age and general conditions due to wear, which will be eventually described under the chandelier photo in then “Description” area.

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